We at AstroAsha are extremely concerned about the security of financial information passed on by you while placing orders. Any transaction is processed in the following manner :-

  1. You select the service and enter the details required for ordering the same.
  2. Then when you click on "Submit" you will be redirected to the "Make Payment" page.
  3. This page collects information regarding the mode of payment but excludes financial information.
  4. When "Submit" is clicked, you are redirected to CCAvenue/PayPal, our payment gateway partners, via a secure 128 bit encrypted https connection. CCAvenue and PayPal are VeriSign secured sites and have implemented all possible security methods and procedures to ensure safe and hassle free transactions.
  5. While you are on CCAvenue/PayPal you are asked to enter the number of your credit/debit card and other related details to complete the transaction. This is done in a completely secure mode and the result of the transaction is then displayed to you.
  6. After this you are redirected to

AstroAsha does not collect sensitive financial information at any stage neither does it store the same. This part is handled by CCAvenue/PayPal, which are VeriSign secure and implement 128 bit encryption methods

We encourage you to go ahead and use your card on It is absolutely safe and completely secure.